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2xPNP/NO + Analog (2xPNP/NO + Analog)

Prod. ID TLDI 8014

TLDI 8014   (2xPNP/NO + Analog)
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Technical specifications

Connection: M12 plug, 8-pin
Switching frequency: 100 HZ (Norm), 500 HZ (FAST)
Resolution: 0.9mm
Outlet: 2 PNP, NO; 2 NPN, NO, Analog 4...20mA
Outlet current: ≤ 100 mA
Nominal voltage: 15 … 30 VDC
Operational temperature: -10 bis +50 °C
Benchmarks: EN 60947-5-2, EN 60825-1
Adjustment: SET-Taste, +/- Tasten
Function displays: 4-digit display, Output-Status-LED's green, Fast-Modus-LED green, Output-LED yellow, Alarm-LED red
Case material: Aluminium
Weight: 330g max.
Help functions: Synchronisation (SYNC), serielle RS485-Schnittstelle
Hysteresis dig. outlets: 5 mm (NORM)
Storage temperature: -25 ... +70°C
Light spot diameter: 12mm bei 2m, 30mm bei 4m
Linearity: < 0.3 %
Lens material: glass
Measurement range: 300...4000mm (von 90% weiß bis 18% grau)
Saturation voltage: ≤ 2 V
Protection class: IP 67
Protection circuitry: A, B
Sender wave length: Laser red , 665nm, class 2
Input current: 110 mA max. bei 24 Vdc
Temperature drift: < 0.6 mm/°C
VDE protection class: class 2
Waviness: 2Vpp max.
Time functions: selectable between 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 ms

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